Faculty Senate Meeting - Speaker view
Senator Beth A. Steffel, Chair
Guests should list their name as [Guest] [First Name] [Last Name]Participants can enter this information when initially joining the Zoom meeting or by renaming themselves after joining the meetingIf you need to rename yourself once you’ve joined the meeting, hover the mouse over the microphone and camera icons next to your name in the “Participants” panel and two buttons will appear that say “Unmute” and “More.” Click on “More” and select “Rename.” A window will open and you will be able to edit your name.
Senator Jill Vassilakos-Long
why are people given an opportunity to speak twice before others have spoken once?
Senator Dorothy Chen-Maynard
There is a separate FAM for eval of chairs, interim chairs are not evaluated.
Senator Dorothy Chen-Maynard
Most interim serve for a limited time.
Sylvia Myers
Who will do the advising on the consequences?
Guest -- Grace King
Yes, a class with a grade of NC will show on the student's transcript.