Faculty Senate Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Guest - Jordan Fullam
Good afternoon, everyone! I give permission to Senator Hwang to play a video recording of a statement for me, since I will be leaving early to attend class. Thanks.
Nathaly Ramos
Hello, Daisy is unable to attend and asked me to take her place in today’s meeting.
Guest - Jordan Fullam
I gave permission to Senator Hwang to play a video recording of a statement for me, since I will be leaving early to attend class. Thanks.
Guest - Rueyling Chuang
Actually, I did respond to Prof. Collin's invitation to meet and suggested that we need to consult with space committee for the approval of the space for the potential office for the possible
Guest - Rueyling Chuang
School of Design.
Guest - Clare Weber
All coursesAcademic Year 2021-22 (5,954 sections)Online: 30.5%In-person: 69.5%Fall Semester (3,031 section)Online: 34.2%In-person: 65.8%Spring Semester (2,943 section)Online: 26.6%In-person: 73.4%General EducationAcademic Year 2021-22 (797 sections)Online: 29.1%In-person: 70.9%Fall Semester (386 section)Online: 32.4%In-person: 67.6%Spring Semester (411 section)Online: 26%In-person: 74%
Guest Sastry Pantula (He/His/Him)
Science courses over 90% face to face I believe. Some of the programs like nursing specify certain modality for accreditation. Medical schools and some of the programs like environmental health do not accept courses that are taken online. This is just fyi and relate to the stats posted for the university.
Guest - Clare Weber
WSCUC requires us to identify course and program modalities and programs need to be screened and go through the curriculum review process as distance education. Furthermore, distance education programs undergo specialized WSCUC review. Programs with more than 50% online courses must have progrm modification approval and WSCUC substantive change screening. This speaks to the importance of intentionality of our programs.
Guest Sastry Pantula (He/His/Him)
"Programs with more than 50% online courses must have program modification approval.." this means if a student can take more than 50% of the courses in a program by online...right?
Guest - Clare Weber
The library is prepared to support and has it as part of it's budget consideration.
Senator T.C. Corrigan
Deputy Provost Weber: Thanks for the information. But for programs that are NOT DE programs, do they need to specify each course's modality BEFORE the course is listed in the bulletin (via the University curriculum approval process) to meet WSCUC requirements? Or can those programs w/ 50%+ online courses simply be identified via their actual course offerings (i.e., after the fact)? (which would provide faculty with more flexibility around modality).
Robert Nava Guest
Thank you Senators
Senator John Reitzel
Thank you Robert for all that you do!
Senator Claudia Davis
Greetings Clare, Library resources were not noted in the proposal, hence my question.
Senator Haakon Brown
I object