Faculty Senate Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Guest Katherine Gray
Are guest also supposed to see the poll?
Guest -Clare Weber
For. clarification, please note that the CO has adopted the IPEDS definition of online courses and programs. And, per IPEDS, hybrid courses (50% in person) are considered in-person courses. This is different than the WSCUC definition.
Senator Kathie Pelletier
No faculty shall be compelled (directly or indirectly) to teach via distance education without their consent.
Guest Jessica Getman
I apologize that it took me a minute to look at the change. #3 reads: "The assignment of faculty to distance education courses shall be done in consultation with the faculty member." The two committees felt that this expressed the "shall not be compelled" intention, but there is no problem with adding that back in.
Guest Jessica Getman
Thank you, Senator Pelletier.
Senator-Shari McMahan
Need to head to the PI reception! Congrats to our PI's and our Faculty Ambush 😊Award Winners!!